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Educate and Empower a Girl in Kenya

Help transform the future of Kibera slum with girls' education at KGSA

$1,150 towards $750

By Supporting Kibera Girls' Soccer Academy, you don't just support a student, you support a whole community....

Here's why donating to Kibera Girls Soccer Academy is the best thing you could do today, this week, this month, this year:

- KGSA's school and community center are 100% run by Kenyans from the Kibera community that know what they need to transform their community.

- Educating girls is shown to be one of the most effective ways to economically develop a community #girleffect.

- KGSA doesn't just teach girls via rote memorization like most schools, they provide extracurricular programming (drama, journalism, soccer, and more) that develops entrepreneurship, creativity, and confidence.

- KGSA takes a two generational approach to its work. Girls can't go to school if parents can't put food on the table, so they train and employ parents and siblings so that the whole family feels the benefit of your donation and supports their daughter in school.

- The girls at KGSA are the most amazing people I've ever met in my life. They are resilient, persistent, and mind-blowingly optimistic and go on to do great things: become local community leaders, teach at KGSA, college, and more.

How I am connected to KGSA:

I found KGSA on the side of a soccer field in the largest slum in Kenya. I had come to see a girls soccer team sponsored by a huge US NGO play against a rag tag underdog team from Kibera Girls Soccer Academy. KGSA was then just two school rooms and a few community members teaching students for free. I was so compelled by their mission and the way they went about developing girls and the community, that I jumped ship from the NGO and dedicated myself to KGSA. For a year in total I taught physics and ran a co-curricular solar company to encourage the KGSA girls to pursue careers in STEM fields. It was the most eye opening, meaningful, and difficult time in my life and has made me who I am today.

One story explains why KGSA's approach to development is the way I swear by. I helped a large US NGO sponsored distribute free, used shoes to women. Like many US charity events, there had to be an event this charity centralized around, so the event was a 5K. The plan was, you run a 5K, you get a free t-shirt, free snacks, and free shoes for yourself or your child.

Imagine hundreds of shoeless women holding babies and running franticly around a course in the slum, kids in tow, after not eating breakfast or having clean water at home. Imagine then that there weren't enough shoes, tshirts, water, or food for everyone that ran. Just as you might think, a riot ensued. Wearing one of those free tshirts myself, I was terrified as the crowd tore down the tent, stole shoes away from each other, ripped shirts off each other's backs, and begged for water.

But still, the most horrible part of that is that on the other side of the pond, hundreds of people felt great that their old Nike's were being put to good use in Kenya. Hundreds of people had the pure-hearted intention to help someone in need, and if they heard what actually transpired, maybe they would never give again. It breaks my heart that well intentioned giving can go so wrong, and it is frustrating to lose the charity of folks that want to give but don't because they overwhelmed with where their contribution will do the most good.

I can tell you I used to be one of those people that got so overwhelmed deciding which charity to give to, that I did not give at all. But now, I've been lucky to see charity in action that WORKS. And that is at KGSA. So trust me - your dollars will do great things with KGSA, so please help me sponsor a student today.