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Educate a Girl. Transform her future.

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Educate a Girl. Transform her future.

When you educate a KGSA girl, you transform her future.

44% of girls in Kenya don't finish high school. Partner with KGSA to educate, inspire and empower 130 girls every year. Research shows that girls who earn a secondary education can earn twice as much as their peers with no education. Educating girls unlocks their potential and enables them the opportunity to shape their future. Join us as we work to break the cycle of poverty for girls and their families in Kibera. It costs $85 a month or $1,000 a year to educate one girl. Any donation amount is much appreciated!

Understanding the Impact of Your Gift to Educate a Girl at Kibera Girls' Soccer Academy

Education: The impact of education is endless. Education translates into higher earnings, which women invest in their families and their communities. Education breaks the cycle of poverty for the girls and their families and empowers their local community to help create a stronger, more resilient Kibera. KGSA has graduated over 340 students with 60 going on to higher education.

Youth Development: KGSA started as a girls' soccer team and continues to champion the importance of sports and extra-curricular activities. In addition to the soccer team, the school has an active club program including journalism, drama, catering, tailoring, computer, and business clubs. These clubs provide a creative outlet for youth and engender critical-thinking and leadership skills. Extra-curricular activities have proven to be impactful in increasing academic performance, emotional well-being, and reducing incidences of harmful behaviors. We partner with other organizations to provide mentors for the girls in their final year of high school and as they pursue higher education.

Health and Wellness: KGSA cares for the "whole girl" by providing school tea and lunch, access to healthcare, sanitary pads, and a social worker to support their mental health. The dormitory currently provide meals and a safe learning environment to 46 girls and we hope to expand to all 130 girls as funding allows. The World Food Programme reports that a daily school meal provides a strong incentive to send children to school and allows children to focus on their studies rather than their stomachs, as well as helps to increase attendance, decrease drop-out rates, and improve cognitive abilities. For some children, a meal at school might be their own source of daily nutrition, without which hunger and nutrient deficiencies can cause irreversible damage to adolescents' growing bodies.

Higher Education and Career Support: KGSA and our partners provide scholarships for alumni to pursue higher education. Depending on their high school final exam results, girls can qualify for a four-year bachelor's program, an associate's degree, or vocational training. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, four girls from the Class of 2020 qualified for a bachelor's program and 14 for a diploma program!

Donate $85 per month or $1,000 annually and become a part of our Classroom Connections community. You'll receive a quarterly emagazine created to connect KGSA's partners to the students and staff at the Kibera Girls Soccer Academy. It will feature stories and photos of the latest experiences at the school and is our way of ensuring that KGSA supporters are able to form meaningful relationships with the school and the Kibera community. Every new Classroom Connections member will receive a complimentary copy of Ellie Roscher's Play Like a Girl that tells the beautiful KGSA story. Sign up today!

Your donations will support KGSA's operating costs, which include teacher salaries, school supplies, technology, clubs, meals, clean drinking water, field trips, and more!

The KGSA Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our charitable employer identification number (EIN) is 80-0390275.

Thanks for your support and enjoy the video!